Sunday, August 14, 2005

Travel without a laptop...

Well, just a note about traveling without a computer or laptop... I am making this trip using my IPAQ 4700 instead of taking a traditional computer... So far, things have been working pretty well, but some notable exceptions have been encountered...

In our London hotel, my Fast Ethernet adapter worked well to connect with the Internet... In Kassel, my wireless connection worked in both hotels that we stayed at, but the connection is expensive and tied to a single device! The connections have been very reliable...

Some programs cannot be accessed by my IPAQ´s version of Internet Explorer, but most work very well... Posting to this site DOES NOT work on it, however, so I am accessing it via an Internet workstation at the hotel in Kassel... Windows XP Pro in German has been relatively easy to use, but the keyboard layout is somewhat different! The ´Z´ and the ´Y´ keys are switched, as are several other keys... And the ´@´ character is accessed via a 'graphic' character instead of a shift function... So if you see some strange words, please keep this in mind!

I can send and receive email easily, but cannot attach images to my emails... But you can contact me with my normal email addresses ( or



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